Has Climate Change made the Caribbean Uninhabitable?

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We have been talking about climate change for as long as I can remember. Scientifically speaking, it was in 1958 that Charles David Keeling began systematic measurements of atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa in Hawaii and in Antarctica. Keeling’s measurement project provided hard evidence of rising concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere. This project continues still today […]

Green Digital Finance Alliance – LAUNCHED !!

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*by Simon Zadek, picture courtesy of UN Environment In Davos on the 20 January, 2017 – the ‘Green Digital Finance Alliance’, a ground-breaking initiative to harness digital technologies in catalyzing financing that addresses global environmental challenges, was launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland by its two founders, Ant Financial Services […]

Mr. Andrei Carabelea of Romania is the first Give Me 5 – “Champions for People and Planet” 2016 Award

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In commemoration of the first anniversary of the launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, The Give me 5 Campaign proudly announces the Give me 5- “Champions for People and Planet” 2016 Award for outstanding contribution and individual recognition to Mr. Andrei Carabelea, the President of “Sens Civic” Association in Romania, for his incredible contribution […]

How to make climate action really unstoppable

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The uncertainty that has brought the US election to the climate action arena has prompted a loud and unified voice coming from Marrakech, Morocco, where the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) holds its 22nd Conference of the Patries (COP). This voice, which encompasses heads of states and respective representatives, civil society, private […]