Delia Lungan

Ms. Delia Lungan (born 1 May 1983 in Bucharest) is a contemporary Romanian artist and politician. She is a polymath and began her primary education in the fields of music and art in Romania where she studied piano and painting between 1990 and 1997. Ms. Delia Lungan holds a Masters Degree in Financial Engineering at the Paris Dauphine University in Paris and a Masters Degree in Financial Management and Investments at the Academy Of Economic Studies in Bucharest she gratuaded in 2008. She started her career in the business field and she has a work experience financial services and diplomacy. She is a member in the Romanian PACT Political Party and an activist of Human Rights and Sustainable Development. She joined the GIVE ME FIVE CAMPAIGN to bring her contribution in building the world oftomorrow. As an artist Ms. Delia Lungan created ‘The Little Square Man and Woman’ characters, as symbols for sustainable development.