Juan E. Chebly

Juan Elias Chebly is founder and CEO of Voipebox.com. He is a PHD Candidate in Sustainable Development at Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela and also works for the United Nations Environment Programme as Lead Adviser. He holds a BS in management, a minor in International Business, and a Finance MBA degree from St. John’s University in Queens NY.

At age 24, he became St. John’s Tobin College of Business youngest professor during the Fall of 2010. In 2009 he founded Voipebox.com, a telecom startup introducing innovative and pioneering VOIP telephony solutions in South America and the US. Juan has served as the World We Want 2015 Coordinator at UNDP and currently serves as the Lead Adviser to the Secretariat of Governing Bodies on citizen engagement and multi-stakeholder partnerships at UNEP New York.