Chronicles of HOME – by Ismael J. Catchings

by Ismael J. Catchings* The concept that strikes me the most is the idea of a humans, and essentially humanity, as a disruptor. The earth is billions of years old and humans are only thousands of years old. So many factors had to be just right, one could even say precise, so that all we […]

Chronicles of HOME – by Marie Laurent

Planet Earth has existed for 4.47 billion years. Since its creation she has been constantly evolving to find the perfect balance for each element to have its place and have a role to play. The motors of terrestrial life are water and air. These elements are the building blocks of life. As air condenses, it […]

Give Me 5 at the UN General Assembly!

by Amanda Dias On Tuesday Give Me 5’s Campaign founder Juan Chebly was honored to take part in the 73rd UNGA High-Level Side Event on Social Business, Youth and Technology: Innovate Together for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The panel discussed the use of business, specifically social business, youth, and technology to further the Sustainable […]

Invasive Species

By Elyas Harris, Biodiversity has been modeled and defined by different geographic and climatic circumstances. These circumstances have triggered special adaptations best described by the theory of evolution which in turn gave way to different ecosystems across the world. However, modern technology has made it possible for humans to reach every part of the world, […]

Protecting the High Seas

The High seas are protected by the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). This treaty was adopted in 1982 and entered into effect in 1994. Its purpose was to regulate sea bed mining and cable laying. It is in great measure thanks to these intercontinental cables that we can have high speed […]

Good Health and Well-being is also addressing drug abuse

by Elyas Harris In the United States and in many parts of the world the improper use of certain pharmaceuticals has become a growing issue. Since the 1980’s there has been an exponential growth of individuals dying from (legal) drug overdose, mostly opioids and pain medication. It would be easy to just blame this growing […]

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