The advent of self-driving cars

By Elyas Harris. The current rate of innovation in assisted driving and autonomous driving technology has led to the advent of self driving cars. These cars use sensors and cameras to drive themselves. Recently, there have been technical difficulties with some of these self driving vehicles, which you probably have seen in the news. Some […]

Savannas and Settlements

by Elyas Harris. The savanna/grassland is an ecosystem found mostly on the African continent.  The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of the most well known savanna ecosystems and it is home to one of the largest wild animal populations in the world. This area is suffering from the catastrophic global impacts of climate […]

The Dangers underneath the melting of the permafrost

By Elyas Harris The tundra is an ecosystem located in the arctic regions; it is a frozen wasteland with minimal plantlife. As the arctic regions get warmer the permafrost inside of the soil melts. This causes the plant life which is previously frozen to decay. This is an issue because the decaying of plantlife and […]

Sustainable Tuna Fish Farms

by Elyas Harris. There are various forms of livestock farming. This article focuses on fishery. Mostly when people think about fish farming, they usually think of salmon or tilapia. However, at the moment Indonesia has been creating Tuna fish farms, for instance. One of the challenges with the fish farms for tuna is that they […]

Accounting for Industrial Waste

by Elyas Harris. Industrial waste has become an issue to the environment specifically the water supply and the very air that we breath. Proponents of small government usually ignore the fact that markets can fail. There is also the reality of positive and negative externalities which the market does not inherently address. This is why […]

UN Environment Management Group Nexus Dialogue on Biodiversity

2018 Nexus Dialogue Series Watch the livestream – Day 1  and Day 2 Nexus Dialogue on Biodiversity – Biodiversity Mainstreaming in the context of Human Security and Wellbeing, 2 – 3 May 2018 2-3 May, 2018 at the International Environment House II, Geneva, Switzerland The EMG is proud to announce the kick-off of its 2018 Nexus […]

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