Conmemorating Black History Month at the UN

Guest blog by Papa Dembele: My name is Papa Thiecoro Dembele from Senegal, West Africa and I am currently serving as a Public Information Assistant at the United Nations. As a result of my initiative, the Guided Tours Unit of the UN recently launched a specialized tour for Black History Month. Visitors can see:   The Security Council Chamber; Exhibits […]

Addressing E-waste

by Elyas Harris. Every year new type of electronics are being sold to the public. Have you ever thought about what happens to the old electronics? Probably not… they usually sit in your drawer and collect dust or they sit in a landfill and leach toxic chemicals into the ground. E-waste has been an emerging […]

Solutions to the Plastic Waste Problem

by Elyas Harris. At the moment there is a huge amount of plastic waste circulating in the world. It keeps growing too. Beyond global efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, this trend is still increasing unfortunately. However, more can be done and highlighting some positive examples can be helpful in reducing plastic waste globally. Plastic […]

The Economics of Sustainable Development

by Elyas Harris It a safe to say that in many ways the world moves to the beat of the financial markets, and these are in driven by quarterly financian statements of corporations. However, either through government spending or our own spending, we as a global society have increasingly become more aware about the impact […]

Holocaust Remembrance Day

by Elyas Harris, January 27th is the international holocaust remembrance day. It is a day in which we remember the fallen and their suffering. It is an opportunity for all of us to remember the massive failures of human beings towards their own humanity. It is a time for us to understand that we must […]

A message from MLK on his day!

We at GM5 take Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s (MLK) advice seriously. He is not only an inspiration to us, but to the whole world. We thought that sharing one of his speeches on human dignity and our quest for excellence serves a wonderful homage during his day of commemoration… a tad of #MondayMotivation as […]

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