Farms and Gardens and their Effect on the Environment

by Elyas Harris. Almost everyone who lives in rural parts of the United States use fertilizer. It is used for gardening or lawn work and even farms. This can be a good thing it helps the production of plants and vegetables and help them grow strong. But fertilizer can he very negative effects on the […]

Urban Heat Islands

by Elyas Harris Have you heard of urban heat islands? This is a phenomenon where the city is warmer than its rural counterparts. This happens because urban environments, better known as cities, trap heat and pollution. This influx of heat, as well as the issues that come with excess pollution in the air, don’t seem […]

The Future of Agriculture

by Elyas Harris There are multiple nations whose main exports are agricultural products. Farming is a big source of income and a livelihood for millions of people around the world.  We all rely on agriculture for sustenance, for our food. Unfortunately,  the soil gets used up through prevalent modern farming techniques. These cause the soil, […]

0-emissions Vehicle Tech

by Elyas Harris. For a sustainable living carbon-neutral mobility is a key component. There have been numerous ways and technologies that aim to achieve this. Mass transit is always the most efficient way of transportation. However, we still have millions of vehicles circulating around the world. Most of these cars burn fossil fuels unfortunately. There […]

Celebrating Women

This month is a wonderful month. It is the month in which we celebrate all women. As March 8th commemorates gender equality and women, March is considered to be Women’s month. It is during this month that women from all over the world gather at the United Nations for the Commission on the Status of […]

Mangroves, Tigers, and Climate Change

By Elyas Harris. Given the recent and ongoing celebration of #Wildlifeday on March 3rd, we saw lots of stories on wildlife with a big emphasis on Big Cats. Wildlife is vital for the planet’s health, and its massively under threat by anthropogenic (human) activities and climate change. Beyond our destruction of pristine forests and biodiversity […]

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