Student Blogs – Achieving the SDGs by Holly Warner, Arif Lallmohamed, Stephane Parent

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Health & Education in Conjunction with SDGsThe UN Sustainable Development Goals were created to keep us on a pathway to end poverty, preserve our environment, achieve peace, and promote prosperity throughout the member nations. It is a partnership led globally and we truly must all do our part. There are 17 goals, but for the […]

Student Blogs: How education, health, and wellbeing lead to a happy prosperous life

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Introduction Having good health, well-being, and an education is essential to living a happyand prosperous life. Good health allows people to enjoy the joys of life, such astraveling the world and raising a family. Having an education ensures that a person iscapable of understanding the world around them, as well it helps them become aproductive […]

Voting, More than a Right

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We wanted to pick up where we left last week. An important aspect of democracy we had mentioned last week was fair and free elections. Continuing our discussion on Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions through democracy, we must now talk about how we achieve these fair and free elections: voting. Voting is an important civic […]

Democracy in Retreat?

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Before 1776 almost all nation-states were governed by monarchies. Kings and queens generally had absolute power to do whatever they pleased. But after the American revolution shook the world a new form of governance began to bud: democracy. This new form of governing distributed power more equally and derived power from people, not monarchs. Since […]

On Guaranteed Income

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Continuing on our theme of experimentation, we will now shift our focus to a newly popular idea: Guaranteed Income (GI). Ten years ago this was considered unthinkable; but after a global pandemic, more people are open to the idea than ever. Popularized by Andrew Yang, GI has gained influence within some powerful institutions. In this […]

Better Prognoses

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One thing we wanted this blog to be is a space for new ideas and experimentation. The tools of the past have taken us as far as they can, but it is time we look at our problems from a different perspective. GDP per capita is quite useful but has its limitations. Take the US […]