Give Me 5! Activities: COP 22 with 2020 or Bust!

Posted on Posted in by Eliza Sheff

The UN Climate Change Conference COP 22 is currently being held in Marrakech, Morocco until November 18th. Our founder, Juan Chebly, had the privilege of attending the conference solely on behalf of the GM5 Campaign. Along with the founder of 2020 or Bust!, Laughlin Artz, he presented to youth attendees about our partnership between GM5 and 2020 or Bust! and the importance of youth involvement in both of these campaigns.

Juan stressed the importance of creating a global community through networking and social media, and how anyone (including you, reader!) can become a Global Advocate by taking action and simply inviting 50 Facebook friends to like the Give Me 5! Campaign Facebook page, and spreading awareness about the importance of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The youth demographic is especially important, as young people will inherit this world that is currently in dire need of improvement; their voices are critical in influencing lawmakers and heads of state to take these concerns seriously.

In addition to speaking about GM5, Juan and Laughlin unveiled the new app created by 2020 or Bust! in conjunction with with GM5. This app, called “2020 or Bust, the Game of the Century – End the Climate Crisis”, encourages users to address their own carbon footprint to see where they can actively make changes in order to reduce it. There will soon be many more features in the app to increase engagement, such as a search tool to find other local organizations with a similar mission and daily action tracking.

Follow the below link to find out more about the app and download it for free:

We are so proud of Juan and excited to see what the future will bring with our partnership with 2020 or Bust!