Give Me 5! Activities: IMEF University Congress 2016: ENLACE

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We are excited to announce that members of Give Me 5! were invited to speak at the IMEF (Mexican Institute for Finance Executives) University Congress 2016: ENLACE conference in Monterrey, NL that took place from October 6-8. Two of our team members, founder Juan Chebly and Federico Ruiz, took the trip down to speak about our mission, our research, and social entrepreneurship, in front of over 700 conference attendees.

The word “enlace” in Spanish translates into “link”, and mission of the conference was “Enlace: Relationship Beyond Business”. It was based on the concept that ideas that seem different or unrelated can be linked to form a unified and coherent whole. For example, the idea of social entrepreneurship is that running a successful business and being socially and environmentally responsible do not need to be two mutually exclusive endeavors. The goal of the conference was for attendees to, “develop skills, gain experience, know cultures, promote values and learn new ideologies to foster relationships that go beyond business.” Attendees would seek to network with attending business leaders, obtain new tools and resources for business opportunities, foster leadership, and foment new and healthy ways of coexistence. The target demographic for attendees were college students, and 75 universities from 25 different states were in attendance.


Aside from our two wonderful GM5 representatives, notable speakers were CEO of Value Financial Group, Carlos Bremer; vocalist of famous Mexican pop rock band los Claxons, Nacho Llandata; 2018 Mexican presidential candidate, Pedro Ferriz de Con; CEO of Orange Capital, Luis Garcia Pena; and Managing Partner at IGNIA, Fabrice Serfari.

This honor is a big success for Give Me 5!, as we were able to talk about the importance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how sustainability can pertain to business with young millennials, the generation with the potential have the biggest impact and breakthroughs in the realm of sustainability. We have already extended our message into 10 countries, and these opportunities will continue to further widen our scope. Thank you, IMEF!