A Path to a Sustainable Future – Health, Education, and the SDGs

Written by: Matthew J. Kane – St. John’s University In thinking of the sustainable future of global development, health and education are the keys that unlock the door to the possibility of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. These sectors are not merely components of the framework but are central to the entire system of sustainable […]

Student Blogs – Achieving the SDGs by Holly Warner, Arif Lallmohamed, Stephane Parent

Health & Education in Conjunction with SDGsThe UN Sustainable Development Goals were created to keep us on a pathway to end poverty, preserve our environment, achieve peace, and promote prosperity throughout the member nations. It is a partnership led globally and we truly must all do our part. There are 17 goals, but for the […]

Student Blogs – Health and Education: Critical to Achieving the SDGs

written by: Health is central to achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Having good health can notonly make a person happier but the world a better place. Sustainable Development Goals#2 (Zero Hunger), #3 (Good health and well-being), and #6 (Clean water and Sanitation)are most directly aimed at improving human health. While these specifically aim at directcontributors of […]

Student Blogs – Actions to improve Healthcare and Education

written by: Consider, what could be one of the most important things out there when we want aneconomy at its maximum potential working for the best output? Some may saytechnological advancements in order to enhance the production efficiency, others maysay the availability of resources. But these cannot be achieved if not for the people, thatis, […]

Student Blogs: How education, health, and wellbeing lead to a happy prosperous life

Introduction Having good health, well-being, and an education is essential to living a happyand prosperous life. Good health allows people to enjoy the joys of life, such astraveling the world and raising a family. Having an education ensures that a person iscapable of understanding the world around them, as well it helps them become aproductive […]

Edrex Fontanilla on how art can inspire activism

The Give Me 5 Campaign is embarking on an exciting new series of discussions with professors and academics whose work relates to the Sustainable Development Goals. For our first discussion, we sat down and talked with Edrex Fontanilla, a multimedia artist who experiments with new mediums to help evoke empathy from the viewer. Edrex uses […]

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