Student Blogs: How education, health, and wellbeing lead to a happy prosperous life

Introduction Having good health, well-being, and an education is essential to living a happyand prosperous life. Good health allows people to enjoy the joys of life, such astraveling the world and raising a family. Having an education ensures that a person iscapable of understanding the world around them, as well it helps them become aproductive […]

Edrex Fontanilla on how art can inspire activism

The Give Me 5 Campaign is embarking on an exciting new series of discussions with professors and academics whose work relates to the Sustainable Development Goals. For our first discussion, we sat down and talked with Edrex Fontanilla, a multimedia artist who experiments with new mediums to help evoke empathy from the viewer. Edrex uses […]

Voting, More than a Right

We wanted to pick up where we left last week. An important aspect of democracy we had mentioned last week was fair and free elections. Continuing our discussion on Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions through democracy, we must now talk about how we achieve these fair and free elections: voting. Voting is an important civic […]

Democracy in Retreat?

Before 1776 almost all nation-states were governed by monarchies. Kings and queens generally had absolute power to do whatever they pleased. But after the American revolution shook the world a new form of governance began to bud: democracy. This new form of governing distributed power more equally and derived power from people, not monarchs. Since […]

Thinking like a Plumber: Learning from What Works

While it is always important to think outside the box and innovate, it is always useful to reflect on past successes. Since we focused on new ideas the past few weeks, we here at the Give Me 5 Campaign want to look at what we already know works. This week we are looking at successful […]

Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui of Cambridge on Guaranteed Income

We wanted to follow up on our last post about Guaranteed Income with something exciting, so this week we’re sharing something special. We were lucky enough to have one of our bloggers talk with Sumbul Siddiqui, the Mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as City Councilman Quinton Zondervan. Together we discussed the start of the […]

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