The Future of Work

The future has always had an exciting ring to it. For generations we have looked into the future with hope and awe. Who doesn’t remember Marty McFly and the Doc getting into the DeLorean and landing in 2015. Flying cars, self lacing Nikes and holograms! (weirdly enough they still were using fax machines…)‘Back to the […]

Cruise Lines and Sustainability

By Elyas Harris. The cruise ship industry has always been infamous when it comes to environmental sustainability. But recently some cruise lines have been making an effort to become more green. They have been making some very mindful choices when it comes to the way they do their business. I happened to go on a […]

Give Me 5 for Sustainable Laundry!

Check out our 5 tips for reducing your impact on the environment while doing laundry! We all have chores to do almost every day. From grocery shopping to dishwashing, we make choices that can have a positive impact on the environment. It only takes a couple of good habits and small changes in our everyday […]

JOIN the Global Youth Climate Action Summit!

The Give Me 5 Campaign is proud to support the 2019 Global Youth Climate Action Summit! The climate crisis will not be ended through politics, protesting, information and debate. It will be ended by action. This is not the usual conference of talking about climate change; this is a mobilization for action. Attendees will be […]

Sustainable Farming Continued…

by Elyas Harris     During a previous article on sustainable agriculture, the urban context was the primary focus. But having access to the tools and supplies needed to create a 99 percent self sufficient farm is expensive and time consuming. But farmers who are still using the traditional farming techniques can have a very simple and […]

Thermal Pollution in Water

By Elyas Harris When people think of pollution and the thought that most often comes to mind is cars’ exhaust and industrial fumes that emit greenhouse gasses. But thermal pollution is not pollution in a direct chemical sense. Thermal pollution occurs when because water used to cool down factories or used in energy plants, gets […]

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