Has Climate Change made the Caribbean Uninhabitable?

We have been talking about climate change for as long as I can remember. Scientifically speaking, it was in 1958 that Charles David Keeling began systematic measurements of atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa in Hawaii and in Antarctica. Keeling’s measurement project provided hard evidence of rising concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere. This project continues still today […]

Join the Environmental-Humanitarian Nexus e-discussion!

The Institute for International Communication at St. John’s University, The United Nations Environment Group, and the Give Me 5 Campaign would like to extend a very warm invitation to the Give Me 5 Community and all of you who decidedly work for the betterment of people and planet, to the third e-discussion by the UN Environment […]

“Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered” and Sustainable Development

Written by Prof. Basilio G. Monteiro Director of the Institute for International Communications at St. John’s University Even at an exclusively dedicated conference on Sustainable Development and Small Entrepreneurs, organized by the International Academy for Small/Medium Business, this year at Buenos Aires, Argentina, (June 29-July 1), one could not escape the doctrine of “economies of scale” preached by […]

The Give Me 5 Campaign is proud partner of Smart City X

The Give Me 5 Campaign is proud partner of Smart City X, a student-led workshop on the 23rd & 24th of September, 2017 dedicated to smart systems and sensors and their applications in the monitoring of infrastructures, water resources, and public health. The workshop will take place at Norman D. Hébert Conference Room (Room 2.260), […]

Check Out Our Latest Publication!

The past few months have been a whirlwind over here at Give Me 5! In addition to welcoming our latest team members, Savio and Amanda, we are excited to announce that an article written by three of our founding team members has been published in the Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations! Juan […]

Staff Stories: Why I Joined the Give Me 5! Campaign

Many environmentalists say they are fighting to preserve the world as we know it- the trees, the plants, the animals, the Amazon, etc.  I, without a doubt, am no different.  Being in nature gives me a sense of serenity and calmness that nothing else does.  But us- within the environmental community- already know what is […]

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