On Guaranteed Income

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Continuing on our theme of experimentation, we will now shift our focus to a newly popular idea: Guaranteed Income (GI). Ten years ago this was considered unthinkable; but after a global pandemic, more people are open to the idea than ever. Popularized by Andrew Yang, GI has gained influence within some powerful institutions. In this […]

Better Prognoses

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One thing we wanted this blog to be is a space for new ideas and experimentation. The tools of the past have taken us as far as they can, but it is time we look at our problems from a different perspective. GDP per capita is quite useful but has its limitations. Take the US […]

A Chance for Peace

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We are changing direction this week and trying something new. This week we are talking about theft, but not in the conventional sense. No, we are not talking about the criminal act of stealing. Instead, we are talking about theft in the sense of misplaced opportunity. In his Chance for Peace speech, President Dwight D. […]

A New Direction for Agriculture

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For centuries, economic growth, and population growth for that matter, depended greatly on the abundance produced from agriculture. The vitality of this crucial economic sector shapes economies’ growth while uplifting them during times of trouble. What we eat, and how we eat have immense impacts on not only ourselves but the environment and the economy […]

A Growing R&D Gap

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“I don’t know what the future may hold, but I know who holds the future” Ralph Abernathy We ended the previous blog by outlining why investing in green energy is so urgent: because it is us who decides the future of our planet. One important aspect needed for the continuation of the green revolution is […]

Benefits of Clean Air and Water

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We wanted to follow up the previous blog by continuing the debate on the clean energy aspect while touching on some of the others goals. Last week we looked at the costs of producing fossil fuels, but this week we wanted to examine the economic and human costs of consuming fossil fuels.  Pollution bears a […]

Clean Energy for all

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced” – James Baldwin If the world is ever to truly achieve clean energy, not only must it build a platform to reach a green future, but also dismantle the barriers preventing it. Much attention has been paid to […]